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April 7, 2006

immigration reform woes

The not-so-well-thought-through compromise ammendment failed today in the Senate. If something better emerges, this is good. But today, I am somewhat disappointed -- as flawed as the compromise was.

Supposedly, no one is for am#@$ty, but I'd say our lifestyles demonstrate we're for cheap goods and services (and the cheap labor that allows for it)-- especially when we get to pay less for our hotel stays, produce, meat, and housing. Too bad we cheapen our integrity in the process.

On to solving this nation's problems... The Senate should craft a compromise bill that would simultaneously approve and appropriate an enforcement first measure WITH A DEADLINE.

So, for instance, the "am#@$ty" provision would kick in as soon as enforcement has been reasonably strengthened OR on April 15, 2007 whichever comes first. For crying out loud. If Ty Pennington can get a 5,000 sq. ft. house built in 7 days, the U.S. should be able to make major changes in enforcement in 1 year. The legalization measure in this compromise should be across the board and tough. And frankly, I don't know any immigrants who disagree. Working under guest worker status for years, learning English and staying out of trouble are reasonable. The third component would be to create fexible visa caps, so that the labor demands can be met.

Such a measure would limit opportunity to the black market and would maximize the success of "getting people out of the shadows."

Granted, there will be flaws in any system, but this would be a compromise that might actually accomplish what it is supposed to do.

Posted by almamia at April 7, 2006 9:23 AM


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