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April 1, 2006

we just don't get it

Rally 1.jpg

This is a picture I took at Denver's Rally to protest HR 4437 on March 25. There has been a lot of backlash about the quantity of Mexican flags at the Denver rally, and others nationwide.

The thing is that mainstream America makes all sorts of associations when they see a flag... nationality, patriotism, form of government, etc. Some even feel threatened and call it an invasion, an insult, a conspiracy. But while Mexican immigrants dearly love their land and culture I can't think of any who love the Mexican government. But we just don't get that. The U.S. government has been stable for 200 years. Mexico has not enjoyed such stability.

That being said, a political protest is meant to send a message, but the flags are getting in the way.

If you plan to march on April 10, "National Day of Action," bring plenty of water, wear good shoes and don't forget the red, white and blue.

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