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May 11, 2006

get 'er done

I can finally exhale.

Sen. Frist and Sen. Reid announced the revival of immigration legislation today. story here

Over the last few weeks, Senate in-boxes were getting hit with bricks (literally) and I imagine both parties were more focused on how to use this issue to their political advantage rather than on truly developing a solid policy.

So, I'm still not convinced that either party is really in this for fixing a broken system, but they're moving ahead anyway and will hopefully have something ready by Memorial Day.

In the meantime, human tragedy unfolds every day.

56 Immigrants Locked in Freezer Truck story and video

Salvadoran Immigrants Crossing Border Illegally Raped and Robbed

Meanwhile, in Arizona, Sheriff Arpaio is applying his creative interpretation of a new state law and is jailing immigrants by the dozens with no intention of repatriating them to their home countries. His actions are being challenged in court in the coming weeks. With his interpretation of the new state law, these immigrants can be charged with a felony... something that federal lawmakers will not even do.

So get on with it and get something passed that will prevent human tragedy and lone ranger sheriffs.

It is time for comprehensive immigration reform.

Posted by almamia at May 11, 2006 12:41 PM


I hope that they are able to make more progress this time. Have you had any success keeping your legislative delegation informed of the issues and your perspectives? If so, what has worked?

Posted by: Glen Peterson [TypeKey Profile Page] at May 11, 2006 7:49 PM

Glen, I share your hope.

Last fall I began corresponding with State Rep. Jim Welker regarding my concerns about his immigration views. At first he seemed open to dialogue, but after several exchanges, it became clear that it was not a matter of ignorance, but one of race. A quick Google news search of his name will reveal all sorts of articles on his extreme views. In spite of the efforts by Welker and other extreme Republicans, most of the Colorado law proposals regarding immigration died in committee and never made it to the House floor.

I wrote a letter to the Larimer County GOP and urged them to call for Rep. Welkers resignation. At the urging of Gov. Owens, Rep. Welker did announce he will not re-seek his office in the fall. Now I am researching the views of the primary candidates for his seat.

My husband has also met with another lawmaker face to face and fully expressed our views on the immigration issue. The meeting was friendly and dialogue there is open. My husband was invited to review an article on immigration written by this representative. None of the revisions he made were placed in the final draft.

On the national scene, we have done what most concerned citizens should do and participated in calling and writing our Senators.

As for what has worked... I'm not sure. But I share life with all kinds of people -- even those without documents; I've marched; I blog; I enter into informed discussion when given the opportunity and I do not watch in silence.

I don't know if that "works", but it works for me.

Posted by: Alma Mia [TypeKey Profile Page] at May 11, 2006 8:16 PM

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