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May 4, 2006

pay no attention to the cartel behind the curtain...

Talk to folks from Madera, Chihuahua in Mexico and you will learn that the police warn the drug dealers prior to any federal raids... the city is squeaky clean by the time the raid gets there. The police wear far more jewelry and fine clothes than should be afforded on their meager state salary. Where do the funds come from? I'll give you a hint... it starts with Car and ends with tel.

I met a gal last year whose husband had worked as a police officer in Mexico. She told me that she had prayed for a chance to come to the States because she knew her husband could not be a police officer and a Christian.

Although the Mexican police force is corrupt through and through, there are some good guys fighting hard... and at times paying for it with their lives. In Acapulco on April 20th, the heads of Commander Mario Nunez and Officer Jose Alberto Ibarra, were placed outside government offices along with a sign that read, "so that you learn some respect." Their bodies were found later. One report reads:

The killings came a day after Guerrero state Governor Zeferino Torreblanca awarded Acapulco police 32 million pesos ($2.9 million) to buy guns, vehicles, and uniforms as part of a statewide crime-fighting package.

In Guerrero, heavily armed enforcers for the Gulf cartel, dubbed the ''Zetas," are battling a group known as the ''Pelones," or ''Baldies," loyal to a drug gang from the western state of Sinaloa.

Newspapers reported that the two murdered policemen belonged to a rapid response team that was involved in a shoot-out with a heavily armed drug gang in the La Garita district in January, in which four drug traffickers died.

More than a dozen people have been gunned down in attacks attributed to organized crime in Acapulco this year.

Earlier this month, five people were injured in a grenade attack in the city.

In January 2005, Mexican President Vicente Fox declared an all-out war on drug gangs. Since then, more than 1,500 people have been shot, beaten, or suffocated to death by the drug gangs.

So last year Fox declared an all-out war on drug gangs, but now he is legalizing drug possession in small amounts. hmmm. The most curious quote I read is this:

Proponents note that current Mexican law already allows [drug] charges to be dropped if a person can prove that he or she is an addict.

I'd swim the widest ocean and climb the highest mountain to get my kids out of there too.

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