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June 13, 2006

as if the colorado gop couldn't tick me off any more

This week the Colorado Supreme Court decided a ballot measure proposal which would cut off non-emergency services to undocumented immigrants is indeed illegal itself. Well, now the Colorado GOP is throwing a collective temper-tantrum -- the Governor included, who is threatening to call a special session if the court does not reverse its decision.

Hmmmm, activist judges or separation of powers...

The thing is the small government conservatives who pride themselves on saving taxpayer dollars are going to spend a ton of money on a special session which will almost certainly fail. Immigration was deeply debated in the legislature this year and thankfully, most of the proposed laws did not make it through. The likelihood of this passing is so slim, yet they seem intent on spending the money anyway just because they can. Ridiculous.

Part of the proposed constitutional ammendment also allows any citizen of Colorado to sue any government agency that provides non-emergency services to an undocumented person. Talk about out-of-control litigation.

I'm tired. I'm frustrated.

I wish these tantruming lawmakers would just pick up their toys, go home and let the adults handle the legislative process.

Posted by almamia at June 13, 2006 11:25 PM


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