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June 29, 2006

colorado gop makes a telenovela (soap opera)

Had the Colorado Supreme Court allowed the anti-immigrant ballot initiative to go forward, I'm sure the GOP would have been gushing about the just decision. But since the ruling went the other way, they quickly lashed out condemning the "activist judges".

It makes me sick.

Now, Governor Owens has set out his agenda for the all-so-important special session. As I review the agenda, I'm struck by the tremendous waste this will be -- especially considering that most of the points are already part of existing law. For instance, undocumented immigrants are already barred from receiving state funds (except in emergencies like prenatal care and public education)... that is unless we are going to start checking green cards at our public parks and city functions. You don't have to be documented to get a valid taxpayer identification number why would that be helpful? Federal law already exists to protect those forced into involuntary servitude... in fact, they can apply for a specific visa which will allow them to work here legally!!! How does putting a law on the Colorado books help this?

Oh, and the most sickening part of all... if the legislature doesn't pass what Owens wants them to pass (and was already denied by the Colorado SUPREME COURT), then he wants the legislature to send the issue along to the voters anyway.

Today I'm annoyed. Tomorrow I will start thinking of more productive ways to make my voice heard.

Read on for the Governor's agenda.

Gov. Bill Owens has called lawmakers back to Denver July 6 for what he said he expects will be a three- to five-day special session.

Highlights from his agenda:

Prohibit state funds for illegal immigrants, except for emergency services that include prenatal care and public education.

Impose heavy fines on employers who submit false documentation about employees without taking reasonable measures to verify the information.

Bar tax benefits for employers who hire illegal immigrants.

Impose a 6 percent withholding tax on compensation to workers who fail to provide a valid taxpayer identification number.

Require proof of citizenship to register and vote.

Strengthen human trafficking laws by criminalizing involuntary servitude, forbidding forced labor and making it a felony to threaten to report an illegal immigrant to extort money.

If the legislature fails to pass substantive immigration reform, send a ballot issue to voters that would prohibit state and local governments from providing nonemergency services to illegal immigrants.

Set a deadline for the Colorado Supreme Court to certify measures for the ballot. He accused the justices of denying the public a chance to vote on an illegal-immigration question this fall by deliberately putting off a decision on a legal challenge.

Come up with a plan to bar young girls from common-law marriages after the state Court of Appeals ruled such arrangements could be legal in Colorado. full article

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