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July 10, 2006

hatred toward immigrants swells kkk ranks

This in the Rocky Mountain News today:

The International Imperial Wizard of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan said Monday that the immigration debate has boosted membership, including a chapter in Olathe, a town of 1,500 on Colorado's western slope.
Railton Loy, the self-identified International Imperial Wizard, said the Klan chapter in Olathe was formed about four years ago and invited him to speak at an anti-immigration rally on the Montrose County Courthouse steps about a year and a half ago. He said the chapter was small and couldn't raise enough money to pay his expenses, so he put off the trip.

"It's just a little klavern," he said.

To form a klavern, or KKK chapter, at least 15 members are required, he said.

Olathe Mayor Wayne Blair said the town heard about the klan chapter last month, but hasn't been able to identify a single member although the group does have a post office box in town.

The KKK website has a map with chapters around the country, including one in Olathe. source

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