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August 4, 2006

Gov. Owens defends Lamm's racist remarks...

...and publicly humiliates his children in the process.

This in today's Denver Post:

Republican Gov. Bill Owens today defended former Democratic Gov. Dick Lamm's remarks that Asians and Jews have more ambition than Hispanics and blacks, saying that the outcry over Lamm's remarks has been "knee jerk."


Owens went on to say that he wishes his three children had more of a Jewish and Asian work ethic.

"There are many days ... when I wish they'd have more aspects of Jewish and Asian culture. I wish they'd get up earlier in the morning, I wish they would work harder and in many respects that's what we do see out of many of the Asian and the Jewish culture. My kids are all Anglo, they're Irish, English and they're wonderful kids and I wish they'd work a little harder sometimes. Sometimes, I wish that I had some more of those traits.

To give you a little sample of what is provoking the "knee-jerk" reactions, here is an excerpt from a Rocky Mountain News article about Lamm's book:

"Let me offer you, metaphorically, two magic wands that have sweeping powers to change society. With one wand you could wipe out all racism and discrimination from the hearts and minds of white America. The other wand you could wave across the ghettos and barrios of America and infuse the inhabitants with Japanese or Jewish values, respect for learning and ambition," Lamm wrote.

"I suggest that the best wand for society and for those who live in the ghettos and barrios would be the second wand."

I am horrified.

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