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October 31, 2006

colorado: take the guess out of voting

Colorado voters now have the "Ballot Builder" -- an interactive tool that is free to use on the Rocky Mountain News site. This tool takes the guessing out of voting and could end the stranglehold our two main parties have on our state.

ballot builder.jpg

The process is 1) set up a user profile 2) identify where you live (so it can generate the races you'll vote in) 3) take a survey on where you stand on the issues and initiatives 4) view an individualized ballot which gives you the percentage of agreement you have with each candidate. You can click on "full profile" below the candidate's party info to see their views side-by-side with yours. In most cases, the candidate includes a few sentences clarifying their viewpoint -- I found this of particular interest. It also helps you make more subjective decisions concerning the candidates (as opposed to the objective statistical percentage generated by the tool itself).

It was so interesting to see in which races I favored the Republican, Democrat, Reform Party, Libertarian and Unaffiliated candidates.

If you're not from Colorado, then too bad for you. Unless you can find the groovy tool somewhere for your state.

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