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December 12, 2006

ICE raid close to home

3 days before payday, 3 days before Christmas bonuses were due, 12 days before Christmas, a huge ICE raid has traumatized hundreds of families. Children have no idea who will pick them up from school or where they will sleep tonight. A community is scrambling to care for the children, to reunite them with their parents. A handful of hardy good ol' meat-n-potatoes Americans stood outside the gates laughing at the workers detained by ICE. I just don't have my thoughts together on this yet other than to say I have no words for this.

"ICE's action at multiple Swift plants today is a clarion call for the nation to complete its work on comprehensive immigration reform. We need to have laws in place to take us from today's chaos and lawlessness to law and order. That law and order system must include: increased border security, strict enforcement of immigration laws including a sound employer verification system, and a realistic method of dealing with the human and economic reality of millions of undocumented workers in America," said Sen. Ken Salazar. Source

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