June 20, 2006

swift kick to the backsides that have built sensenbrenner's fortune


Who knew when we marched in April against the famed Sensenbrenner Bill (a.k.a. HR 4437) that our collective derriere has made this man filthy rich?

That's right friends, Rep. James Sensenbrenner is the great-grandson of the inventor of Kotex. Sensenbrenner is now an heir of the Kimberly-Clark fortune. And his portfolio is as vast as the seemingly unthreatening U.S./Canada border is long. Article.

The provisions in the law he proposed were unimaginable precisely because he cannot imagine what it is like to live in poverty (or even among the middle-class for that matter). He has known nothing but excessive wealth, yet himself is responsible for squandering away taxpayer dollars on his "fact finding" trips. But I digress.

So, we've all marched or somehow opposed HR 4437, now let's hit him where it counts... no, not where you might have assault charges filed against you... I mean in his pocketbook. Momentum is building for a boycott against all Kimberly-Clark products. Among those products are: Kleenex, Scott, Viva, Cottonelle, Huggies, Pull-Ups, GoodNites, Little Swimmers, Kotex, Depend and Poise.

A boycott won't solve the immigration issue, but it will send a message. Spread the word.

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