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April 13, 2006


What comes up when I Google the word "desperate"?

Yep. That's right.

Desperate Housewives.

Maybe those wives will get so desperate that they'll pack it up and stow away to Hong Kong.

What part of "desperate" don't we get?

I'm desperate for a back rub. Desperate for a good cup 'o Joe. Desperate for different countertops.

Hmmm. Webster's has a different take:

Pronunciation: 'des-p(&-)r&t, -p&rt
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin desperatus, past participle of desperare
1 a : having lost hope a desperate spirit crying for relief b : giving no ground for hope the outlook was desperate
2 a : moved by despair victims made desperate by abuse b : involving or employing extreme measures in an attempt to escape defeat or frustration made a desperate leap for the rope
3 : suffering extreme need or anxiety desperate for money
4 : involving extreme danger or possible disaster a desperate situation
5 : of extreme intensity
synonym see DESPONDENT
- des·per·ate·ly adverb
- des·per·ate·ness noun

I'm annoyed by the seemingly endless articles and news programs that presume to explain what drives immigrants to the U.S. "Oh, they just want to suck Medicaid dry." "Well, it is the draw of the education system." "They want to take jobs from American workers."


Do they really think a mother is going to allow her child to be transported inside the trunk of a car for the chance at better schooling?

Do they see American workers lined up to clean 15 flithy hotel rooms in an 8 hr shift? Or suburban moms streaming into Burger King in the hopes that they will get to work 40 hours a week on the grill and fryers?

Oh, sure, they could find a handful of folks filled with adventure and bravado to serve as the poster children for their viewpoint, but for every one they find, I can find 500 for whom the converse is true.

People immigrate illegally because they are truly desperate. And this is true the world around.

Findings in the desert near Sonora

Chinese stowaways caught in Seattle

African Illegal Immigrants Describe Trip

We sponsor those living in the dumps of far off lands, sifting through rubbish for food. Their pictures grace our abundantly filled refrigerators and we occasionally even remember to offer up a little prayer.

But heaven forbid that an impoverished person grows weary of their desperate situation and decide to immigrate *gasp* by whatever means possible.

Once here to gather the spoiling fruits of the American garden they are criminals. Then they do not deserve mercy. Pack 'em up and ship 'em out boys. The same way they came in.

Have mercy on us.

Posted by almamia at April 13, 2006 8:44 PM


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