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April 15, 2006

Welker one of the best????

Last week when Rep. Jim Welker announced he would not seek re-election to Colorado's District 51 House seat, he tried to "railroad" in a candidate he had handpicked.

He didn't succeed.

Now new candidates are emerging. My favorite excerpt from an article in yesterday's paper:

Welker said he nominated McNaught because he thinks he will be a good candidate. Welker said he believes McNaught’s lack of political experience is a plus. “What experience did I have before I got into office?” Welker said. “Sometimes the best people you have at the Capitol are the people without experience.” (emphasis mine)
Um, I infer from this quote that Mr. Welker thinks he was one of the best. Hmmm. So apparently none of the many who asked him to step down (Gov. Owens included) got through to him that the practice of forwarding controversial, racist and hateful emails does not lend itself to being among the best.

I don't know a thing about this McNaught guy he nominated, but just the fact that Welker thinks so highly of him puts me on high alert.

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