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April 28, 2006

it is a creepy time

I am outraged that the Department of Homeland Security considers it a priority to lock up not only undocumented immigrants, but ENTIRE FAMILIES -- CHILDREN INCLUDED, yet creepy registered sex offenders can be returned to society. I have two sex offenders living within half a block of my house. Now today, I read of another local who was not arrested until FOUR developmentally disabled women filed complaints against him. What is wrong with this country?! And when you get down to the article about the local creep, I want you to notice that never once is he referred to in any disrespectful way -- even though he is a CREEP. No, he is a "psychotherapist" a "doctor" a "man" But the undocumented are referred to as "illegal", "criminal", "scourge", bacteria-ridden", "an invasion" and the list goes on and on and on and on.

Read some exerpts from the following AP article:

WASHINGTON China is refusing to take back an estimated 39,000 citizens who have been denied immigration to the United States and have clogged detention centers at federal expense, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said yesterday.

...Currently, 687 Chinese are being held in federal detention facilities, at a daily rate of $95 each, while some 38,000 have been released on bond or under a monitoring program, such as wearing an electronic surveillance bracelet, the Homeland Security Department said later yesterday.
Illegal immigrants can be held for 180 days before they are released.
Chertoff also said Homeland Security would open detention facilities in the next few weeks to house entire families of illegal immigrants who hope to bring their children along in order to avoid jail time. "It'll be humane, but we're not going to let people get away with this," he said. (emphasis not in original)
Chertoff's remarks comes as the Homeland Security Department aims to end its "catch and release" immigration policy by Oct. 1. After that date, all illegal immigrants will be held in U.S. detention centers until they can be returned to their nation of citizenry.

Contrast that with this:

A psychotherapist is accused of sexually assaulting developmentally disabled clients, including two women in their Loveland homes. Dr. Donald Ellsworth Fish, 66, turned himself in Wednesday at the Larimer County Detention Center to face three felony charges of sexual assault of an at-risk adult by a psychotherapist allegations that, if proved, could carry a collective maximum of nine years in prison.

The Fort Collins man has not entered a plea to the charges and could not be reached Wednesday.

While Fish has no prior criminal charges against him, he was disciplined by the state for having a sexual relationship with a client in 1995.

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