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April 27, 2006

let's get busy!

The following are excerpts from an email I received today from Gina Huett of the American Friends Service Committee in Denver.

If you wish to participate in a march/rally on May 1st, the Denver-specific information will not apply to you, but much of her advice can be adapted to your city:

The media would lead us to believe that every one of the tens of thousands of people turning out to support comprehensive immigration reform across the country is undocumented. Let's help them see the thousands that support our friends, co-workers and neighbors in the struggle for a just society. As we continue to see the many contributions immigrants make to our communities, let US be seen wearing white in solidarity. We encourage families of all backgrounds to join in the We Are America/Somos America March for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

What you can do!

Monday, May 1st, 2006, march from Viking Park to the Capitol with your church organization, your school flag, your organizational banner! Gather at Viking Park (intersection of Federal and 29th) at 9:00; march steps off at 10:30 and walks to the Capitol. Please wear white and remember to bring water and a snack. During the march, find the media and tell them you support a path to citizenship, worker protections, an end to the back logs and family unification. After the events on May 1st, write a letter to the editor reflecting on your experience unified with your community! Your voice in support of comprehensive immigration reform is necessary!

The following is a specific way you can be involved in preventing deaths in the desert. This group tries to reach immigrants in physical distress before tragedy occurs. They help provide first aid, food and water to those in need. Last year such acts landed two of their volunteers in jail. Here is how you can help:

***Food and First Aid Kits Needed at the Border*** No More Deaths and Coloradans for Immigrant Rights (CFIR) need your help! We must take death out of the migration equation!

The number of tragic, migrant deaths in the desert along the Arizona/Mexico border is continually increasing. Coloradans for Immigrant Rights (CFIR) is helping No More Deaths/No Mas Muertes collect the following items to distribute to migrants. CFIR members will take the kits to Tucson at the end of May for No More Deaths to distribute at water camps and other designated areas along the border.

Needed Items:

For each Gallon-Sized Closable Plastic Bag, place 7-10 items, ideally 1 bag contains each of the following items:
X Sports Drink
X Pop-top lid meat or tuna
X Nuts, Trail mix, dried fruit, chips, fig bars, or cookies
X Granola, Power, or snack bars
X Pudding or fruit cup (with spoon)
X Peanut Butter or Cheese filled crackers
For each Small Closable Plastic Bag add the following items:
X 4 to 8 bandages
X Gauze Pads
X Small first aid cream or ointment
X Alcohol Wipes
X Sunscreen, Chapstick, Hand Cream or Lotion
X Foot care creams, powders, or Moleskin
X Wrapped Candy or throat lozenges
X Aspirin, Tylenol, or Advil packets

What You Can Do!
1) Create a collection drive for the above materials at your church/organization/job etc.
2) Deliver the kits:
a. Contact Corey Sampson, with CFIR, at 303.861.0165 or coreyleft4@yahoo.com for questions or for large pickups. Contact Corey before May 17, 2006.
b. Drop off kits to the American Friends Service Committee by May 17, 2006 from 9-4 Monday-Friday, except May 3-5, when the AFSC office will be closed. AFSCs address: 901 W. 14th Ave., Suite #7, Denver 80204; phone: 303.623.3464.
c. Mail kits directly to No More Deaths, c/o St. Marks Presbyterian Church, 3809 East 3rd Street, Tucson, AZ 85716.

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