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May 24, 2006

i'll take this over a wall any day

Check out the excellent post on Migra Matters. Here is a taste...

What if could we set up something independent of elected government, something similar to the way the Federal Reserve is set up? An independent panel to set the immigration levels, how many of each visa class to issue each year, how many green cards etc.

Think about it this way ... if we let elected officials set the fed interest rates they'd be 0% in election years, and 30% in off years, that's why they can't be trusted to do it. The same should be true with immigration. Between pressure from big business, the natural tendency of politicians to pander for votes and other political calculations, we would be better off if the basic nuts and bolts of immigration were handled by those whose only concern is both the well being of ALL the American people and the immigrants that want to join them.

Talk about reform! And for more discussion with those seeking workable solutions, check out www.matt.org which stands for Mexicans and Americans Thinking Together.

Posted by almamia at May 24, 2006 12:09 AM


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