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May 24, 2006


Who would have been jailed if a gun had been left unsecured and the eight-year-old had used it? We don't even give driver's training until a child is 15 years old -- 17 years old in some cities. So why is an eight-year-old arrested for fiddling with the parking brake? He had no clue what he was doing. The tragedy in itself is devastating, but holding an eight-year-old responsible for an unsecured school bus is unthinkable. Even the victim's father has more mercy on this boy.

May 24, 2006 NEW YORK (AP) - The father of a second-grade girl killed when an empty school bus rolled forward and crushed her is asking for mercy for the eight-year-old boy accused of setting the vehicle in motion.

Authorities say the boy, identified by the city's lawyers as Tafiri J., released the parking brake of the bus, causing it to roll and crush Amber Sadiq on Monday afternoon in Brooklyn. A judge has ordered a mental health evaluation for the boy.

Amber's father, Imran Sadiq, says through a spokesman that Tafiri "is a baby himself" and that the question is why the vehicle wasn't more secure.

Amber was walking home from school with her ten-year-old brother when she was struck by the bus in Crown Heights. The driver had parked and secured the vehicle before going on his lunch break. source

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