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June 1, 2006

pardon me, where's the line?

What? No line?

On May 27th, Migra Matters linked to the leaked Republican document which is essentially a cheat-sheet of spin on the immigration issue. When I read the document, I immediately started scouring the internet, certain that I'd already read some of the nearly-exact phrasing from Republican Senators. (I've yet to find the particular article I recall, but when I do, I will post it.)

Now today a great post. If you really want to talk intelligibly about the immigration debate, this is absolutely essential reading. It will reveal the truth about the fabled "line".

By my calculations, if the "line" forming in Mexico continues to move at its current pace, the whole process will only take a mere 250,000 years to reach those currently "at" the rear.

Surely that isn't too much to ask of a man desperate to feed his children.

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