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October 27, 2006

tancredo to condi: don't send Dog to the big house

I honestly don't know why I read any article with Tancredo's name in the headline. Yet I just keep coming back for more.

Tancredo -- self proclaimed champion against all things illegal -- or at least all brown-skinned "illegal" activity -- is leading the charge to protect Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Yes, you read it right.

Obviously, Tancredo thinks his role in congress is to do everything BUT represent the interests of Colorado (just google Tancredo +Pope, Tancredo +"South Carolina" for examples).

In recent weeks, Tancredo led the charge in petitioning Condoleezza Rice to block the extradition of Dog the Bounty Hunter to Mexico -- where he could face jail time.

Tancredo apparently believes he alone should decide which laws merit being upheld. And, according to Tom, the laws of the sovereign nation of Mexico just don't pass muster.

For your amusement, click here and here for details on the story.

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